a poem inspired by attendance at a despacho ceremony


galactic intervention crew

reporting for

due tea

dandy chai

salved third eye


seeded from crystal spaceships

monkey tripping


crazy painting



echo into now

the world outside

is inside

we are Blake’s grain

of sand


of truth

of rice

of petal

of frankincense

of cobal


of shell

of tobacco

of spirit

of golden thread

of leaf


of rhythm

of celebration

of prayer

of miracle spray

of heart


tis this we pray

desperado despacho

outlaws of

natural laws

of human flaws


melting pot

sacred hot

sending prayer

to everywhere

from the city of shadows


fire outside

spark inside


as elements pray

in vortex dance


soft engine purr

and siren shriek

or big cat medicine

and sacred beak

where am i?


the city

or the citadel?

time stops

space is no more

who am i?


we held a charm

blessed by our breath

then let it fly

on the universal breath

wind from the North


clearing the way

breathing in new life

a light falls on the shadow

gentle and soft

and we are gone








24 thoughts on “gone

  1. Brendan says:

    Writing equal to the sprawling lava hurl of psilocybin(esque) immersion is a daunting, daring challenge, and you’ve flung your aural paint widely.–here and gone. It’s a poem that probably takes a lifetime to write. Good job.

  2. Kerry O'Connor says:

    Not ever having attended such a prayer (if that is the correct word) meeting, I feel that you have conveyed the essence of the session in such a way as to appeal to the senses and emotions. This is very well done.

  3. Jim says:

    This was interesting, Paul. I hadn’t heard of the despacho ceremony. I have seen a ceremony of the indigenous people in New Zealand. No knowing the languages, they seemed similar to me. There may have been an excursion to one on our Princess cruise at Peru. (La to Rio around Cape Horn)

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