Mother Earth

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Mish is host at dVerse tonight and offers this superb prompt.

Today, I am asking you to write a poem from the perspective of one of nature’s gifts…a tree, a wildflower, a leaf in the wind or even through the eyes of a wise old owl.

Think beyond personification. Get into character and show us the world through your new “eyes of nature”. You may want to describe the view from where you are, the scents, the sounds and textures. Or perhaps you have a message of enlightenment. There are many lessons to be learned from nature. You could give your element of nature an opinion and let it speak through your poetry. The choice is yours. Just remember to write from nature’s point of view.


I seed fresh Spring hope

whilst dying from your wounds

and give my heart anew


18 thoughts on “Mother Earth

  1. whimsygizmo says:

    This piece, coupled with that visual, makes me want to openly weep. My son (15) wants to become a scientist with a conservation slant. His heart for this earth makes mine sing.

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