only fools rush in

30 poems in 30 days is the challenge over at Real Toads today.

To begin this month-long celebration of daily poems, let’s begin by drawing the proper Tarot card.

Various decks portray the Ace of Wands as a hand coming out of a cloud, the rod which Moses used to strike the water of life, or the club of Hercules. There is usually a river to cross, a mountain to climb. (And yes, a bone to pick.) It is an invitation to voyage.

In Tarot tradition, the Ace of Wands is a card of optimism and invention. Aces are lucky, and the fire-suit of Wands strikes a match for creativity, excitement and adventure.

The Ace of Wands also signifies the energy and dedication required to complete a large task, like that of writing a poem a day for a month.

The card is drawn, our quest announced! Help us all get out the door and to the shore where the boat is waiting. What is your inspiration, what describes the journey you are about to undertake? What is the inner nature of this journey? Make your beginning here. Make a map of your quest.

And since today is also April Fool’s Day, let’s cross or crown our journey with The Fool Tarot card, that madman-beggar-child-bard whose fool errand is pure sunshine and dizzy precipice. It is the basest and most refined attitude in which to undertake a journey. Who are we kidding, writing a poem a day for a month? Crossing oceans while Rome drowns? Rhyming in a hurricane? Playing catch with Fido while Heaven falls? Who can stop us! (Include a note of this too if you like.)

A call to adventure

journey awaits


once more


seven gates

four circles

a trinity of wonder


what is required of me


in both the known

and the unknown


following inanna

in the descent

and perhaps

the ascent

and as with all journeys

the dance will play out

between the two

and as i ponder my response


i have already begun

this fools quest


napowrimo 1/30

17 thoughts on “only fools rush in

  1. Brendan says:

    Invocation is a door to invitation, and there’s plenty here. The short lines assemble a wand-poem, waving as they sing. You have prepared yourself well!

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