for a’ that

Photo source and more on spacetime

I awake this morning to a message from Bjorn at Real Toads

Today I thought we should move on to write poetry inspired by Physics.

One thing that has always fascinated me in Physics is how the concept of time changed when I dived deeper and deeper into its definition. One one hand we can measure time with extreme accuracy, we are taught to put into formulas to predict the orbits of a satellite, on the other hand we cannot really visualize it as something real. It’s just a parameter that can only flow in one direction (for a physicist time travelling is fiction).

The prompt today is to write about space time. You might start from concept like concurrent events, or from the problem of meeting in the four dimension of space-time. You might go further and think about the consequences of time on earth or space. The prompt is mine, but the poetry is yours.

“Then catch the moments as they fly
And use them as ye aught man
Believe me, happiness is shy
And comes not aye when sought man
Live for now, for it’s a’ ya know”
Robert Burns


So here we are then

well here i am

you are 


(collective Somewhere

in space


(your own unique xyzt

co-ordinates to locate you)

as I write

but here

in another individuated space time

as you read

whilst simultaneously

being there

you clever thing

whilst I am not

yet clever




(at least whilst you are

because I haven't finished

writing so you can't be reading

but you are!)

I am now in some future



and my current

4 dimensional


(which may or may not exist

as you read

because I may be 

somewhere else

even though I am quite clearly 


Clever me

are specific to this desk (x)

in this lodge (y)

in this country (z)

at this particular time (t)


09:30 GMT

until they are  not

which is around about

when you show up

( and this is true for ALL of you who read)

which happens to be






napowrimo 5/30




27 thoughts on “for a’ that

  1. hedgewitch says:

    Like this a lot–it has a bit of an ee cummings feel for me, tongue in cheek and leaping about, but also its own charm and reality, never truer than that ‘until they are not..”

  2. kim881 says:

    Despite spinning head, I enjoyed your poem immensely, Paul,I think it’s what Douglas Adams might have written if he were a poet. And the Burns quote is fab too.

  3. petrujviljoen says:

    Laughed at the cleverness. I’m not sure about how time got to be calculated. If a day has to be added every four years something has gone wrong somewhere at some time? surely?

  4. Brendan says:

    As a 4-dimensional piece, there’s a little einstein, ee cummings, grandmaster flash and paulscribbles in the weave: all having fun with this echo. Great stuff.

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