Kerry is prompting us to Paint a Picture today over at Real Toads. I have chosen the picture that illustrates this post called Tree Girl with Woodpeckers by Japanese print maker, Kaoro Kawano (1916 – 1965). (Fair Use)

Kerry goes on to add,

With the medium of wood block, Kawano produced images quite startling in their simplicity. I invite you to visit the WikiArt page which features his work, and select an image which appeals to you.

In keeping with the Japanese theme, you may like to consider the form of Tanka. Back in 2013, we were very fortunate to have the expertise of Dr Hisashi Nakamura to guide us through several steps of tanka writing, which may be found HERE.


silver willow girl

bends sensually in flow

whilst woodpeckers feed

true vulnerability

is open to being pecked




napowrimo 7/30

21 thoughts on “open

    • paul scribbles says:

      I like destined…I like it a lot…very often with pieces like this i feel they are incomplete…as I am…so i leave them be as a reminder…and hope to write better along the way. I appreciate your wisdom.

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