#giants of poetry

Magaly brings us day 9 on the road to 30 of napowrimo 2017 ( for some of us intrepid souls) with her ‘twitter me a gothic poem’ prompt…for others it is just a new day at Real Toads. 

Greetings, dear Toads. I’m in complete awe of those of you who are publishing one poem a day in April. I did it once, and the memories are enough to leave me exhausted. Your drive rocks.

I want to mix things up a bit. Let’s craft poetry that might inspire cackles or cringes. For today’s prompt, I invite you to write a new 3-stanza poem, where each stanza contains 140 characters or fewer and follows these guidelines: the 1st stanza will be a tweet from one of the thirteen writers listed below. The 2nd stanza will be a reply to the first tweet, by a different writer from the list. The 3rd stanza will be your reply/input/commentary to the exchange between the two writers. The stanza-tweets should be written in the chosen writers’ styles. And the completed poem should read as one piece.

I really hope we can have lots of fun with this one. I mean, how can one not laugh and weep at the thought of Poe, Coleridge, Stoker, Plath, or Lord Byron on Twitter?

i see all that is in the minutiae
and wonder at gods hand in it
can i imprison time perhaps
and bend it to fit my own end?


from the writer of occidental mirth
a grimace of wasteful breath
Your tawdry imagination’s awful birth
bedfellow to interminable death


betwixt and between there may lie the truth
in everything we see there need not be proof
acceptance of each view perhaps is the way
so smile my dear poets and have a nice day



napowrrimo 9/30


22 thoughts on “#giants of poetry

  1. Jim says:

    Oh yes, Paul, the truth is there if we can just find it. I liked the fellow, new to me, Coleridge, who said he would take his feelings over facts. Reminds me of the fake news stuff and the unproven allegations floating around here since election time.

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