litter at your (door)

Featured Image: dancing words

Another day, another poem. Today at the Garden we are prompted by Margaret.

“Poem sketching” was introduced to me years ago here at The Imaginary Garden with Real Toads by Ella in 2012.  HERE is a link to that challenge and a fine description of how to create a word list.

When I have “writer’s block” I use my own version of a “word list” – I write down words that apply to a photo(s) I have taken – what I see in the photos and the feelings and memories they evoke.  I will write down anywhere from 10 – 20 words and then I will get out my thesaurus and search for “richer” word choices.  “Alabaster” is a word I found for “white” and is a favorite word of mine to this day.

Today’s challenge is for you to create and use a word list – you can use the 2012 linked challenge “rules” or use my version.

One of things I ‘struggle’ with as a writer is breadth of vocabulary. I’m not hugely well read nor was I particularly interested in ‘literature’ as a young person.

I feel very often that I am dipping my hands into an empty pot for words and am constantly running for the Thesaurus when reading the more erudite of the toads.

I think I write like I play the guitar. Simple and gutsy.

This prompt was a revelation. Just like doing crosswords can expand vocabulary so could beginning a collection of ‘word groups’ and so I thought I would dive right in.

Of course I am not a big fan of structure either so threw out the rules.

Intuition guided me to select 13 ( a baker’s dozen) words that were in my sight without looking on the pc. Books, cd’s, quotes above my desk etc

These were the words:

giant, hope, throat, falter, smile, humor, golden, skin, yearning, issue, selected, perfect, samba.

I grouped them thus: (kinda random choice)

  • giant, smile, golden, perfect
  • hope, falter, skin, issue
  • throat, humor, selected, yearning
  • samba ( this became the theme word)

I then visited my Thesaurus and began scribbling.

Here is my poem for today.

It surprised me.


reveries maw

Brobdingnagian once


behind the veil


whimsy’s simper

faltering here


soft and slow


vellum hankers

that propitious touch


whirl y trance


chosen affair

paradisaical strut





napowrimo 10/30


12 thoughts on “litter at your (door)

  1. Shawna says:

    This is SO cool, Paul. 🙂

    These are my favorites:

    “whimsy’s simper
    faltering here”

    “vellum hankers
    that propitious touch”

    What are yours?

    • emilie jung says:

      The first thing I thought of was a litter of puppies … then trash … then a lighter. The word “affair” makes me think he’s her lover. Standing at her “door” (her heart, between her thighs, this portal to another world), he feels like all of these things … a bunch of baby mongrels in a box (tee hee), nasty garbage, and the beginnings of a potentially huge fire that could burn her “house” down. I see restrained passion in this, even a lightness of spirit, a preparation for a dance. I think he’s afraid of himself. He was a giant, but he’s made himself small … for everyone’s safety.

      • paul scribbles says:

        You have quite the imagination emilie 😉 It is on one level much more simple, the title. Litter at your (door)=literature door.Having said that the door does indeed open to many things and dance was a thread through the verse that bound it all. I love the idea of him being her lover, and making himself small for everyone’s safety. He may well be afraid of himself. Thanks for your considered sharing.

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