songs of the times

Greetings Toadies! says our host Isador in the garden.

I am ever so happy to present the mid-week prompt for our Poems in April promptkrieg. For this prompt we are going out of standard. I am going to challenge you to find new places in the everyday and sully the page with the unexpected. At this point in the month, your poem muscles are warm, limber and ready for the long haul.

Signs of the times

The prompt is simple: find an image of a protest sign and use that phrase in a poem that is not political.

In case you don’t want to find your own image I have supplied some below from different eras and different causes. Feel free to use them as poem fodder. However, do also feel free to find your own picture which means something to you….or even use a picture of yourself holding a protest sign.

So go now my muddy buddies and bring us back something shiny and new!


please allow me to introduce myself

i’m a man

yes I am

and i can’t help but

love love me do

I was born in a crossfire

a heaven and hell

we were searching for shelter

in this way under cover

of the night

i want to break free

free fallin yeah I’m free

to do what I want

any old time rock n roll

this machine kills fascists*

~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~

*every line of the poem ( save the last which is a song title) is a lyric from a song © all artists. Here’s the playlist if you are interested.


naapowrimo 12/30/1

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