angry road (aye!)

Toad days are upon us once more and the daily meditation of napowrimo whispers sweet nothing’s in my ear.

Grapeling ( It could be that…) is hosting this morning ( well…morning here)

He offers us an intriguing prompt which opened up  an unexpected road for me to travel.

Here’s the deal:

We’ve gone and made Arthur Furgurson emperor, and George C. Parker king.


That phrase, “if you believe that, I have a bridge to sell you” came into parlance due to Parker.

He was, if not the original con man, one of its more successful operators, having sold the Brooklyn Bridge, General Grant’s Tomb, and The Statue of Liberty, among other properties. (For other scammers, see here.)

Furguson was merely a Scottish actor who regularly sold the White House.


Your word list for the Global / National / Earthbound (though maybe some astronauts are playing, who knows?) Poetry Writing Month 2017 is:

Wait, you believed that ‘short’ business? Then I have a bridge to sell you…

How to play: take at least 3 words (or reasonably variants) from the following compilation, craft into a new poem, and link via Mr. Linky below.

Please be so good as to come back and read and comment on your fellow con artists, too.

bridge, con, lie, tomb, scam, gullible, fraud, president, hustler, sucker, mark, prison

mark well the words you choose to divulge

lest you construct a tomb of them

one from which no lie can free you

have your scam paint you a portrait sucker

whilst you hustle your way through gullible

until your fraud/ that truth/ kills you


napowrimo 13/30


14 thoughts on “angry road (aye!)

  1. Jim says:

    Warning, warning!! Actually true for all of us, like an eMail sent, we can’t get it back. Goes for tweets too. A fun reading, Paul. I also thought of a few who really need this warning. But then it is already too late for THE one, he’s dug his hole, soon (I hope) the dirt will be shoveled onto top.

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