Marian hosts us today at Real Toads with a cool video but a deeply sad story that lives alongside it.

Friends! Am sharing this newly-released video for Christina Grimmie, a young and vibrant singer-songwriter, gamer, and YouTuber who unfortunately was murdered last year after one of her concerts. I was thinking about the idea of invisibility and came across this lovely tribute to a talented woman who had a fondness for gaming and anime.

For Day 14, let’s muse on invisibility. What does it feel like to be invisible? Who or what is invisible? Would invisibility be a cool superpower or what? Or, feel free to explore the links I’m providing for Christina Grimmie and be inspired by her work or life.

it begins as a search 

(for something 

some     thing

any   thing

to fill up this void

that is 

no thing

(this name





this unfeeling place 



even thought)

vast and echoing in the


it seems to




a reflex (in the gut




me (feel me feel)

so i search 


the ecstatic 

in spirit or
in that uplifted


at the holy alter

of me

in unwashed bed sheets

i come


and still i cannot find


the nature of 




in   vis   i  ble

i have no memory 


the pain 


just deep-smudged mascara
in my pores

those dark days 

remain dark


trains (that in the night

smashed my dreamt


into oblivion



no longer calling
at this station

they are


just a whisper 




and ridden in the belly of that seeming growl

by fear himself

whose laughter screeches

reminding me that i run

from some thing

i cannot

even see

(can deep evil 

beget love



am i consigned 

to being pure (torn soul

in) visible

or can i


and (embrace




napowrimo 14/30

17 thoughts on “w(hole)d

  1. Marian says:

    Ahhh… interesting. I especially like “the holy altar of me” or is it “alter”? that is a fun play and very suggestive. One might keep in mind the holiness of oneself when starting to become invisible… or alter oneself to remain relevant. I really enjoyed reading this.

    • paul scribbles says:

      Thanks Marion….it’s alter…i like how it opens things up and adds a twist of’ did he mean that?’…. it was inspired by a conversation with Brendan.

      ‘The holiness of myself’ is and has been vital for me during my life in holding on when i seem to be disappearing for sure but there is also that place where there is no holiness at all anymore, beyond surrender, where there is only invisible. Here is where i am trying to go with this writing and I suspect this will be reformed over and again. On the right track but not there yet. Thanks for the thoughtful and stimulating comment.

  2. Kerry says:

    This is so haunting, Paul. The way you have strung out the words over several lines and used parenthesis give the effect of a disembodied voice, perhaps speaking from the dead.
    I think this is my favourite of yours this month so far.

  3. Jim says:

    I like this Paul, it is a bit hard to read. Copy and normalize it on MS Word would help.. Easy way is to read between the lines, the true meaning is hidden there. I’d like the prompt again an I too would write an invisible poem, or parts invisible. A is is now, my people are invisible as are most posted so far.

    • paul scribbles says:

      Thanks Jim. Sorry you found it hard to read but normalizing it is the last thing I want to do.It is designed this way for precisely that reason. I guess it’s not supposed to be an easy read.

  4. Brendan says:

    The tentative lingering longing approaches to the invisible here is everything in silence between the beats. It whispers, which is the proper register for awe.

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