sleep tight…

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Toni Spencer aka Kanzen Sakura is hosting at the bar for this Haibun Monday prompt.

What I would like for us to write about today is fear and how we overcame it, how something frightened us, how something still frightens us. So please, write about something real that actually frightens or frightened you. It can be as simple as the nightmare you had last night or something as complex as phobias – insects, being outside, cats, black cats, dogs, chickens, red cars, the number 13….It can be as simple as walking home in the dark one night and all the night sounds around you. It can be as complex as being afraid someone you love will die. Fears are often not logical. But then, neither is joy! I mean, why should a butterfly make me smile but frighten another person into gibberish? I do not pretend to know.

How to play:
• Write a classic haibun with one to three paragraphs ending with a seasonal haiku. Remember it is to be non-fiction and actually happened or could happen to you.
• Use one of the quotes listed or not, or find your own quote about fear and expand on in your experience
• Link on your page to dVerse Poets Pub
• Publish the link to your poem on Mr. Linky
• Visit other poets, read, and comment on their poems.
• Use social media to publicize your poem if that is what you are into.
• Have fun….or as much fun as you can!

I lie in the bottom bunk eyes forced wide open. Sleep is of no comfort to me these days. I fear going there. Gravity of the inevitable pulls me downward and it is not long before the kingdom of dreams opens it’s door to my subconscious. I should qualify. The kingdom of Nightmares. Recurring and repetitive. I know what is to come and I fear fear itself.

I am crossing the same road every time. To the corner shop. Tantalizingly open. My legs fail at the same point every night. Just plain give up on me. No more functionality. Total paralysis. Everything slows down to a death crawl. I try endlessly to drag my self out of the path of the onrushing car. My arms are not strong enough. I am not quick enough. I can’t do it. I…….wake sweating and screaming.

Mum comes and helps me back to sleep despite my protestations. I am now trapped between the points on a railway track. The train hurtles towards me every night sounding a long low whistle of remembrance. It knows who I am. It’s coming for me. It’s coming for me. It’s coming for me. It’s coming for me. I scream in the dream and in the room. Mum is there again. Rocking me back to sleep.

hush now my child

spring sun will rise tomorrow

rocks me back to hell

25 thoughts on “sleep tight…

  1. kanzensakura says:

    Those recurring nightmares can really wreck and wrack one. Your poem at the end sums it up sweetly. But I imagine you went back into your night world of nightmares. Nice job!

      • kanzensakura says:

        Many people are using the season and something in the season as a symbol. I used a sudden spring storm and a hawk flying against the wind. When did these nightmares occur? Winter, spring…etc. use something related to that. Like” bitter winter night” something like that for one of the five syllable lines. I made my haiku with “jerky” lines to illustrate my mother’s erratic behavior.

  2. Beverly Crawford says:

    I used to have a recurring nightmare of driving across a raging river on a swinging bridge, which dipped down in the middle and my car would stall there, unable to make the climb to the other side. Strangely, the dreams stopped when I retired. Hmmmmm. I always enjoy your “writes”, Paul, and the haiku is perfection!

  3. Jane Dougherty says:

    Who wants to sleep when it brings scenes like that? A fear I’d forgotten. You’re right, the childhood nightmares are more vivid than any dreams since. Perhaps only children truly let their imaginations fly.

  4. Grace says:

    These recurring nightmares can be terrifying ~ I felt your terror as it comes again and again, in the same spot, in the same way ~ And I like the spring run rising ~

  5. Waltermarks says:

    Your work brought out a scream in me, evoking the terror of being run over. As a child I had recurring nightmares of giant spiders and one that was really creepy about puppets coming to life on top my drapes, that one still kind of bothers me when I think about it. I’m glad mum was able to calm you.

  6. kim881 says:

    I didn’t write a comment last night because I was so tired! Glad I left it until the morning. When I was little I stayed a lot oat one set or other of grandparents. My mother was an only child. Having plenty of children, my father’s parents had more than one or two grandchildren and therefore had bunkbeds, which I had never come across before so I was dying to sleep on the top bunk. My grandparents lived by the railway and, when the night train came through, I was almost rocked out of the bunk, which really scared me! I should have slept in the bottom bunk.
    I can understand your fear of nightmares, though, having had more than my fair share in adult and childhood. One night I woke up upside-down under the covers that were still tucked in very tightly and held fast my my nan’s hospital corners.
    You described the dream so well that it made me shake – yes, I’m glad I didn’t read thoroughly and leave a comment last night, especially with that final line: rocks me back to hell!

  7. lynn__ says:

    Wow, Paul, my nightmares were of a different variety (fur, howls, growls, & teeth) but oh, so real! Yes, I remember being afraid to go to sleep too.

  8. Glenn Buttkus says:

    You & I are on the common wave length, man. I wrote of a reoccurring nightmare I had while in the service, dealing with fear of combat. This prompt brought divers fears to the poetic surface–but we probed the psychic realm.

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