golf (on a plate?)



city boys on the loose here

wild open wilderness too big to know


mountains, forest and stream here

our playground today is wide and free


no concrete grazed knees found here

and grassy knolls that don’t kill


no orange hazy glow masks here

just deep deep dark and billions of sparks

(fucking hell…just look at that)


not flat enough for footie here

we are initiated into a new game by Akela


sticks with flags are spread there and here

our enamel plates the ball now


on the practice slope we skim and spin here

flying machines a balanced weight in our hands


and so to the course we must follow here

18 sticks (or holes) as the man said and a silver cup too


might take you a few spins to reach here

he called as he did just that in four chucks


sound of metal on wood clanging everywhere here

as we fling our plates skyward and stickward


fun soon becomes competition now here

and we are in the game focused flingers


for four days we whittle down to two here

our own open now almost closed


and in the end there is one left here

with trophy and battered plate


notes: In 1973 I went camping in the English Lake District for the first time with the 405th Gorton Scout Troupe, having spent all of my young life in the city of Manchester to that point. The beauty of ‘The Lakes’ changed my life as did the starry nights. This would be an annual trip for the next three or four years.

I have very happy memories of our ‘Plate Golf’ tournament which was run as a knock-out tournament over four days. Pretty much golf with enamel plates. Throw or ‘chuck’ the plate and count the number till the stick was hit. Each hole had a par, as in golf, and so birdies, eagles and the like were all built into the game. I never won the cup.



napowrimo 20/30

8 thoughts on “golf (on a plate?)

  1. Cara Hartley says:

    I liked this. It reminded me of playing golf with my late father. I sucked at golf, badly. I preferred miniature golf, which I sucked at too, but not as much. However, even though I usually despised getting up early, I enjoyed going for a game of golf with my father.

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