The challenge for today ( at the imaginary garden) is to write an original poem inspired by this Mi Young Lee painting. It can be in any style you choose. Please post it on Mr. Linky and visit your fellow poets to read their offerings.

Today is Earth Day and so my poem is influenced that way.

'choose wisely' she said

as i contemplated the doorways

those emboldened by color

of gore (spill)ed

       of bleak night (end)ured

             of sea (dim)inished

those which ent(iced)

shimmering portals

to beyond away

from here

one spoke

in glyph-unknown

a perhaps nudged me

those which screamed




just              stop

those that bled innocence

and dripped

betwee(n  l)ines

now extinct

one pulled

gravity of me

to earth



napowrimo 22/30

27 thoughts on “Home

  1. gillena says:

    I can understand the tug of feelings, from your view. For both moon at night and summery day seem to present itself in the painting, Paul

    Much love…

  2. Jim says:

    Wow, you got a lot from those blots, Paul. The writing kept me slowed and this, “one spoke in glyph-unknown” was great. Since I’m common, I would have said “this is Greek to me.” I don’t do Greek or break codes.
    Nice read, Paul, I liked it.

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