this is it

Gillena welcomes us this morning at the Imaginary Garden

Hello Toads: FASHION ME YOUR WORDS : The way you see it.

Choose a poem preferably one you think you know pretty well. Look upon it with a fresh new view. What is your reaction, after this reading? Now, write a new poem based on the way it triggers in you a response after this reading. (Do not post the poem you chose at your blog, add a reference link only, if there’s one, or mention it in a process note)
Post only your reaction poem, the way you see it.

among all of the changing things

is a song that always will remain

One that you alone sing

Some may ask ‘what is it that you do?’

you may tell them of the song

they may struggle to hear it

but sing it and you are free

struggles will come

and death too among the joys

as you grow old

Time moves forward

nothing you can do about that

just sing


napowrimo 23/30(1)

My inspiration for today’s prompt

19 thoughts on “this is it

  1. Brendan says:

    Stafford was supreme in reminding us to stay faithful to the tuning fork struck in our heads at birth. “sing it an you are free” — a fine response to the challenge.

  2. gillena says:

    Choose life, Yes and live it. Indeed .
    Luv your metaphor of life as a song and your closing
    “just sing”

    Reminds me too of a song, i luv too

    Happy Sunday

    much love…

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