At napowrimo we are challenged thus today:

Today, I challenge you to write a poem of ekphrasis — that is, a poem inspired by a work of art. But I’d also like to challenge you to base your poem on a very particular kind of art – the marginalia of medieval manuscripts. Here you’ll find some characteristic images of rabbits hunting wolves, people sitting on nests of eggs, dogs studiously reading books, and birds wearing snail shells. What can I say? It must have gotten quite boring copying out manuscripts all day, so the monks made their own fun. Hopefully, the detritus of their daydreams will inspire you as well!

Happy writing!

here at the edge

we are free

to be whatever we want


that all encompassing

freak show burlesque-ish dance

a pageant of weird and weirder


panoti and blemmya

hare’s bells and duck–lion

hybrid templates for future us


centaurs breastfeed dogs

whilst mice hang cats from oak branch

scolds ducked out of place


rams rammed by foot

whilst disembodied heads frown

that frown of surprise (or not)


dog bishops arrow duck soldiers

cannibals eat mermen

rabbits ride man-snails


page after page of intricate

hour by hour hand drawn text

gave birth to boredom en masse


monk(ey) madness or magic

poured from quill and mind alike

filling the margins with zaney-zine


breaking from the norm

busting out from the line

dancing to their own tune


here at the sidelines

all are welcome

some things never change



napowrimo 24/30 (2)


10 thoughts on “marginali(uh)

  1. Shawna says:

    This is exactly what I needed today. Thank you!

    It’s the first day of the new universe, you know. I think you’re setting the tone for how it should go. You and Harley Quinn, that is.

  2. Shawna says:

    I think the title says something like “Marge, I nail ya” (referring to the Simpsons, of course). Or maybe “marriage …” Then I wonder which kind of nailing you’re doing … I can think of three possibilities at the moment. Wait, four.

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