$. ‘.@ _,.; \’ +!,&!@!&%

Karin Gustafson is hosting our prompt this morning at The Imaginary Garden.
Some of you may have noticed that I have had a hard time blogging the last few months. Part of the difficulty for me has been the feeling of being an outsider, in my own country and in the world.

Oddly, not writing so much poetry has led me to do more visual art work (a real bit of grace.)  Here, the feeling of being an outsider has been very freeing since (with no real training), I have very few expectations about my visual art.

There is actually a long tradition of outsider art in the visual arts, that is, of unschooled  artists making of a body of work; Grandma Moses was a famous outsider artist; Simon Rodia of Watts Tower fame another.

So, the prompt today is based on the idea of the outsider.  You can approach this from any direction you wish–an outsider as refugee or exile; an outsider at a party or at school or from a clique.

You could also use the prompt to try to write as an outsider–like someone unfamiliar with the established tools of writing (an “outsider literary artist”.)  Or you could write about simply being outside, that is, in nature.

Finally, you could use this as an ekphrastic challenge and just write about a picture made by an outsider artist.

:>@%  .@:?($%>  /.%:>’

£!,,.:  “%  @,$%>?:..$

;(:*.@:  ^(>?:  (,~(:(,&

:*%\  (,


A= !
Q=< R=>


napowrimo 26/30(1)


30 thoughts on “$. ‘.@ _,.; \’ +!,&!@!&%

  1. Jim says:

    Ya spins the wheel and takes yer chance
    Land on a vowel get a free roll
    “Q’s” makes a free pass and pass go
    Throw the dice and if it’s trouble
    Wait for tomorrow, answer’s there

    • paul scribbles says:

      I did ponder doing that but figured I would really be an outsider permanently then…but offering a door and seeing who choose to come through and engage seemed to me the more balanced option.

  2. Rommy Driks says:

    The reminded me of an abstract art project I was assigned in 3D design class. My finished work also hinged on the idea of who is invited to participate (or see in my case). Cleverly executed though now I have a feeling of longing for the old activity books I loved as a child, chock full of puzzles like this.

  3. Rosemary Nissen-Wade says:

    Sorry – half way through, it is just too tedious trying to decipher it bit by bit; I’m abandoning the attempt. If I thought it might be going to say something new and startling…. Of course, the idea itself is that, and congratulations on being innovative, but I am an impatient reader! 😦

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