hell t’ skel t’

For today’s prompt, Rommy at the Imaginary Garden says:
I would like you to contemplate the idea of the childhood boogeyman. This is as wide open to your interpretation as you’d like. Feel free to really go wild with this. As always stop by your fellow poets and show they a little love to comfort them after contemplating the things that go bump in the night. Over at napowrimo it’s day 28 (phew) and the prompt is to write a Skeltonic or Tumbling poem. Two excellent prompts, one poem. Enjoy.



you lie awake

and dreams they take

root in your head

to fill with dread

and thoughts of dead

things in your room

in midnight’s gloom

whose ghostly glare

make cold the air

please don’t look there

i would not dare


how real the fear

of dark things here

can seem to be

when we are wee

but in the mind

i think you’ll find

what comes at night

delivers fright

just out of spite

it’s spooky’s right

in case you might


forget that this

is not amiss

and in this space

you find a place

for Dragon’s trove

and haunted cove

for vampire bat

and witches cat

for ghostly chains

and screams of pain

you hide in vain


under blanket

your body wet

with fear and sweat

it’s not done yet

the curdled scream

wakes up your dream

and then you see

it can not be

but creaky stair

stands up your hair

it is not ghost

but buttered toast




napowrimo 28/30


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