It is the final day of napowrimo and, as has been the case a few times this month, I have chosen to combine prompts from the napowrimo website (something that happens again and again) and Real Toads (on the photo electric effect).

Thanks to all who have visted, liked and commented during this month, to Maureen at napowrimo and to the Toads, all of whom have enriched my own writing process.

           to begin 

                  read from

                          line four}

                                  //:in this /experiment

                                                  we will use a



                to demonstrate

that a p.article

        exhibits wave~like


                                and that waves~

                                            can behave like  

                       this is known

       as wave~p.article

     :}to locate 

                the theoretical*


                                   you must move to 
                                                 the point

                               in space\time where

              the p.article becomes

       the wave~

{which happens 

             in the way 

                       of things


                                  line 1 and so


napowrimo 30/30

42 thoughts on “{wave}={p.article}

    • paul scribbles says:

      Thanks Laura. Spreading my wings a bit for sure in some areas and maybe deepening my voice in others. Writing at least one poem a day for the last 30 has sparked me on. I still feel like there is a lot to learn and a long way to go but i’m really enjoying the writing process at the minute.

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