For the whole month of April poets have been prompted by a variety of websites, clubs and groups to ‘pen a poem a day’ for the whole month.

This was my first napowrimo and a very enjoyable and challenging experience and i achieved my goal of 1 per day minimum.Thanks to Maureen for the work she does o this project.

I have used prompts from the napowrimo website at times this month past but the rudder for my craft has, in the main, been provided by the inspirational community of poets at The Imaginary Garden, all of whom have extended a warm welcome to this fledgling scribbler, for which I am full of gratitude. There is nothing like a support network to lift your feathers into flight.

So the month has passed and we welcome May Day here in Scotland. My first poem for the month reflects my thoughts on the process I have begun as a writer this last 30 days.

I have danced daily with my smirking muse (and desire to continue)

I am the better for it in so many ways.

See you along the trail.



writing for each day

spring’s muse ritual is done

but we write again



Till next Year.

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