2b or 2c?

Happy First Tuesday in May, Dear Toads! And welcome to The Tuesday Platform, your unprompted, free-range day of the week here in the Garden. Tuesday rules are so simple: Share and share alike, i.e. share your poem, read the poems of others, and share your thoughts.

Maybe you are feeling worn out from Poetry Month. Or maybe you are feeling inspired! Either way, feel free to lie on the floor for a spell. Seems like it could only be good for us.


bright buttery 
      baked bonanza

crinkles crazed crack(ling) courtships 

ballooning beyond brisk breathed chariots 

    chasing cumulus cloudbursts


curtails chrysalis 

      create(s con)fusion

beached be(he)moth 



crashes carmine-chugging colossus 

bounteous bards bring bread

covert courtesans 

c(reep) craftily

bedding bored be(wilder beasts)

craving connection'(s care)ful catch

bouncing bony bedbugs breech

cretaceous c(old) callow Cwm

betwixt boardroom bookends

crossed care(less) 
cedes cont(act) 

before (bed)lam breaks brittle crockery 

     crea(king crow)s caw

braeks birdsong's
bottomward blossom

            calyx cascade's cosmic counting 

17 thoughts on “2b or 2c?

  1. Marian says:

    Ah… nice. I especially like “before bedlam breaks” Wonderful!
    Though for me “beached behemoth” slows the joyousness of this a bit as it brings up sad beached whales.

  2. Shawna says:

    I am floored over this, Paul. Nothing short of masterful, from start to finish.

    Definitely to see/sea, I think. I LOVE that the title could be referring to apartment/hotel doors … like you’re choosing between two people, or just two options. Two paths to take. It makes me think of one of Stephen King’s creepy novels.

    That first line has my mind spinning … I love the idea of being both bright AND buttery. But to me, being buttery is a new way to tan … instead of coconut oil, I’m going to rub butter on my skin before I lay out. And damn, is my brain “on.” But just think how much brighter I’ll be if I’m also buttered, half-naked, and under the sun?

    Yeah, I do go wild in my imagination. Sorry. 😛 I’m sure you intended something entirely different. But words are ever my toys.

  3. Shawna says:

    “baked bonanza” is what a dyslexic girl sees instead of “baked bananas” … which really sounds yummy

    Of course, bananas are boys. And if they’re baked, then they’re high. Soooo, there ya go. 😉

  4. therisa says:

    Paul, I bow before your mastery, in creating this amazing poem. We all know how hard it’s to write, using all 26 letters of the alphabet, but to limit yourself, to just to two, is outside of my ability. I wouldn’t even attempt to do.

  5. Jim says:

    To reach a man’s stomach the best route is through his stomach. Songs like the baking bonanza might be just the place to try it. A fun read, Paul. Was I close?

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