Heath’s Cliff

The challenge tonight at dVerse, offered by Kim is to write a modern dramatic monologue about a plot to do away with someone (or something). We don’t have to write twelve stanzas, ( as per  Robert Browning’s ‘laboratory’) but she asks that we emulate the form as closely as possible with regard to the rhyme scheme and metre.

We can write from the point of view of a historical figure, such as Nero, a notorious poisoner, or a more modern non-fictional murderer; we may choose a fictional character or make up one of our own. Whatever we do, Kim wishes to be thrilled and chilled with our evil plans.

I will tell you this tale but you must take a vow
to be honest when sharing the when and the how
for the truth here is daunting and you must agree
to be bold with the telling of what came to be

twas a late summer morning when I did decide
to make quickly a way to be rid of my bride
her regular adultery I could take no more
I had to now get rid of this unseemly whore

I am he they call Heath and a good man to boot
with a large house to dwell in and plenty of loot
‘he’s a catch’ it is said by the fair of this town
but i must first be certain to bring this lass down

five fellows she did bed on the day we were wed
and many more since that day and one of them dead!
she frisks and she frollicks with everyman but one
and so it is I’m certain that she need be gone

to the roaches we wandered to path way up high
it was here i decided how she must now die
to the edge we did wander a view to behold
with a nudge i did send her to a place of pure cold

my distress for to lose her was all folks did see
and with lonely refrain they did all comfort me
in the ground she was buried all broken and torn
and a new day now beckons and new life is born

11 thoughts on “Heath’s Cliff

  1. Shawna says:

    OMG, this is strong! Your rhythm is pretty close to flawless, which is quite difficult to master when writing like this. I’d have to say, you’re good enough to hang with Poe and the like, my friend. Fine work.

  2. kim881 says:

    I’m with Shawna, Paul – this is sweet – and not in a sugary way! I love the drawing in of the reader in the first stanza – a charismatic murderer, no less, and an unreliable narrator to boot.

  3. Grace says:

    This is quite a tale of the disloyal wife and the mad killer husband Paul ~ Hopefully its a new day and journey for him in the end ~

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