on being human

Victoria hosts the bar tonight at dVerse. Here is her prompt. Why not join us in the pub for some creative and inspiring poetry?

This poetic device is just what it says: a catalog or list of things—an inventory of people, places, things, ideas. But it is no simple shopping list or to-do list, though I suppose it could be if a little thought and a dab of poetic creativity is added to the mix. To be successful, this form is a well thought-out, complex process.

Poets use the list poem for writing humor, irony or satire, opinion, descriptive poetry, and children’s poetry.

So, for today, let’s write list poems. There are a few ideas already mentioned in this post, but I’m sure you will come up with something more to amaze…maybe even a poetic shopping list. Take it wherever you like.


there are many signs


the wink of an eye

the curl of a smile

that wrinkly frown


little giggles


an outward breath




shoulder shrugs

tossed hair


marmalade fingers




stretching up

bending down


touching toes

sniffly nose


dancing feet


heart beat

heart beat



that look

the one with soul

right through me








15 thoughts on “on being human

  1. Gospel Isosceles says:

    Ah, I love. This:
    “an outward breath
    and then,
    “heart beat”
    heart beat”
    I’ve been wanting to try to write something like this but my heart is too tender.

    • paul scribbles says:

      Your comment is very lovely. Thank You. I am moved to share this with you.

      “When things are shaky and nothing is working, we might realize that we are on the verge of something. We might realize that this is a very vulnerable and tender place, and that tenderness can go either way. We can shut down and feel resentful or we can touch in on that throbbing quality.”
      ― Pema Chödrön, When Things Fall Apart: Heartfelt Advice for Hard Times

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