Haibun monday at dVerse and Bjorn is our bartender.

I hope you love to spend your time in the kitchen just like me.

Today I would like you to consider cooking in your haibun and give us a recipe in your prose. But it should not be the kind you find in a cookbook, but in terms of a story. Share with us the place and moment. Did you eat alone, or with a special friend? How was the setting, by candlelight or by fluorescent light? Maybe a picnic by the beach or a lonesome microwave dinner?

But… please remember that you have to share the recipe. Share some scents and texture, share some secrets for a hungry man, and maybe we can use the prompt as a dVerse cookbook, and if you have it please share a photo of the food.

As usual we want the haibun to be short, a paragraph and a single haiku.

I would also like you to focus on the use of a real kigo (season-word) to set the season today.

Please sate me, I’m a hungry man.

When you are ready with your haibun link it up at Mr Linky below. Read and learn and widen your cooking knowledge, and let the poets know that you’ve been there and what you felt.


1982. University days. New lodgings in the Welsh countryside. Ian cooked the curry. He was good at it for an 18 year old. Grinding spices with the pestle and mortar. Aroma of cumin, coriander, asofoetida and chilli filled the air and as the chicken and onion was fried our taste buds dripped in saliva. I was tasked with the cheesecake. How hard could it be? Ground ginger Nuts with margarine and Muscovado sugar for the base. A variety of hand blended soft cheeses for the topping and lemon to flavour. Zest of lemon that is. Cept I didn’t know what zest was. So I chopped the lemon rind and threw that into the mix. The girls arrived, impressed that we had cooked  the whole meal. The curry was delicious. Really delicious. Then came dessert.

Winter meal for four

Lemon rind faces all round

Love was blossoming





24 thoughts on “lemon!

  1. kim881 says:

    An aromatic curry and a bunch of students – the best ingredients for a good night in. Shame about the lemon – cheesecake s always a winner!

  2. Grace says:

    How nice to see the boys doing the cooking ~ But I smiled at the lemon rind faces…oh no….ha..ha… Love that ending of love blossoming ~

  3. Waltermarks says:

    You cooked up a meal of love. The lemon rinds were a good play in the haiku. I’ll bet the girls didn’t notice it. College students eat an awful lot of ramen

  4. Jane Dougherty says:

    Well, technically you did add the zest. You just added a dollop of pith that wasn’t really called for. It must have been a talking point at least, as you picked the bits out of your teeth… And the haiku tells us nobody minded anyway 🙂

  5. Sabio Lantz says:

    If only I knew you were Welsh! My family (USA) hails from Wales and I have visited a few times — having an unnatural love for the country. THEN, I read about हींग (asofoetida), what a crime. I lived in South Asia for two years, use to speak Hindi, and don’t know this “spice” — so I just finished reading several articles on it – fascinating. I must experiement. Can’t believe I never heard of this — shame on me — thank you.

    A romantic Haibun, full of silly courting mistakes — smiling lemons. Did the lassies catch your errors. But now you know all about Zest. Are the gals still around?

    • paul scribbles says:

      I’m not Welsh but i went to University there. We both married the lassies. I’m still with my wife, sadly Ian’s wife passed away some years go. Asofoetida was his ‘go to’ spice.

      • Sabio Lantz says:

        So, may I ask, “Why Wales”? “Scribbles” does not sound Welsh, I must admit! [fun info about the gals! Must have been the yellow smiles]

      • paul scribbles says:

        The University at Aberystwyth was regarded as the best in the UK for Geography, which was my chosen field of study. Also having grown up in a city I loved the idea of living by the sea.

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