still grinning

For those who would like to try to brave the challenge of writing one using all the words we’ve offered so far for Quadrille, here they are:

dance, lull, bubble, grin, melt, shimmer, twist, skip, green, breeze, spill, rose, journey, jar, leaves, open, shadow, cloud, spark, cue, breath(e), scar, curl, whisper, dawn, ghost, giggle, spring, balloon, drizzle, still, echo, sound, storm.



drizzle’s dance still echoes the sound of the storm’s



opened by shadows scarred grin


clouds that shimmer-sparked breathe roses on



cue – (lull’s breeze)



ghost jar spill(ing) whispers

leaves twisted dawn melting


curl(ing) green bubbles spring

balloon like to skip and giggle


grin widens




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