Hello my poetic friends, this is Björn and today I want you to write a haibun about sport.

Sport can be so many things, the things you hate to watch, or what you love. The excitement of winning or the depression of losing.
It can be a game of football at the pub or watching figure skating lating at night.
Or why not sumo wrestling.

But sport is not just about competing.
How you might love to move your body, running, swimming cycling.
It could be a game with golf with friends or running a marathon.
Or how you might miss your ability to sport.

For me sport is more the later, and I could feel how much I missed it when I have to be careful after my recent eye-surgery. How much I love to be able to run again.

Sport is a word that can be so much more than what fills the sport pages.

Please give me a story about sport in a short piece of prose and add a haiku to add a dimension. Make it personal, make it you.
Please visit and read, comment and learn by reading. The prompt is open for a week so remember to come back and read.
And give me a smile.


It was the final game of the season. Forty four years since we had won the title. What made it worse was that they had won it twenty times in that period and they were in the hunt again. Level on points. Our superior goal difference ( goals scored minus goals conceded) meant all we had to do was win this game. Everyone in the stadium new it would not be plain sailing. We don’t do that. Half time we lead 1-0. So do they in their game. So far so good.

Second half our opponents equalize. Not good. Then they have a player sent off. Good. Then they score again. Disaster. Meanwhile they are winning. They always do. The 90 minutes was up. We were playing added time. 4 minutes. We equalize on 92 minutes. Typical. Almost but not quite. We will be the laughing stock again. Big chance spurned. Against 10 men. Their game is over. They have won.

Miracles happen.

Goal scored ninety three twenty.

Time stood still for us.


If you want to really know what this is all about then this is the spot

For more of an idea on the ’emotion’ of this day watch the video.



27 thoughts on “93:20

  1. sarahrussellpoetry says:

    Wish America would get more on board with the “real” game of football. I have hope, since most kids now play soccer instead of putting outsized helmets atop scrawny little necks. I enjoy the passion the world feels for this game. Love that last line of the haiku. Yes, time does stand still in overtime!

  2. lillian says:

    Ah….just now read Sarah’s comment as I was smiling knowing your post was about “football” 🙂 And of course, in the US we call it soccer. But indeed….it is the real football. My husband was a soccer coach for my son’s grade school team — and that was many many years ago. My son is 41….when the US was “just getting to know” soccer. Such a more civilized sport with red cards and such. Those were the days when the parents didn’t really understand the sport so there were no “cutthroat” parents in the crowd….unlike Little League baseball which was really rough (in the bleacher stands amidst the parents; not on the field with the kids).
    Your haibun takes us there….minute by minute…hoping…watching…ah…

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