Lillian here, hosting a bizarre Poetics today, asking you to go a little “out there” on a creative limb with me. Below are some of the mug shots from the website I mentioned. Pick one of these or go to the website yourself and peruse them. Choose one of these mug shots from the 20s that “speaks to you.” Let your imagination go a bit wild for this prompt. You can be the person, talking to us; or put the person into a poetic “Wanted” poster. Or tell us a tale in verse that “spins” around the mug shot you select. You are limited only by the far reaches of your creativity! The one requirement is that you post the mug shot you choose, in addition to your “mug shot poem.” Surprise me! I’m looking forward to meeting some real characters!!!


It started out when I was young.
“What? No. I can’t think of that”
That’s when the voices came along.
“What? No. I can’t”
They came to me just like a song.
“Huh? Really. You gotta be kidding me”
They told me right, they told me wrong.
“I can’t do that. I just can’t”
They made me do it. It was not me.
“Well if you put it that way”
They pulled the trigger, don’t you see.
“I suppose he does deserve it”
Twas them decided not me you see.
“There you go. I did it”
So if you will please set me free

10 thoughts on “Voices

  1. kim881 says:

    So she blamed it on the voices… I wouldn’t want to go through a long stay in an asylum in those days – frontal lobotomies and chemical experiments every which way. Grim.

  2. Seana says:

    Ooh, I would love to land myself in an asylum. How fun — to patiently play with the doctors.

    I love the innocent reasoning in the last line. You sure do make me smile, Paul. 🙂

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