(s)elf portrait

Tuesday platform at Toads. Kerry is in da house.

Without further ado, I extend the invitation for today’s platform: WRITE::LINK::SHARE

scratch that


undisturbed surface


where the buddha



it boils beneath


spitting hot coals

at the joyful

for just




rips asunder

the fabric

of self


to reveal





the buddha

is a fucker


kill him


kill him





21 responses to “(s)elf portrait

  1. Intense stuff, Paul.. The seethe beneath the serendipitous smile has never been so well rendered.

  2. Ha! Such an interesting take on this meme or koan–whatever you’d call it–I always think more of sanctimony than boiling, but I think that could also be the case, and really interesting to see how you’ve framed it. Your rhythms work well too. k.

  3. I’m scared of you now. What kind of psychopath would want to hurt Buddha?

    The “now” at the end was clever.

  4. Paul, I truly get it. And sadly, I think the Buddha would approve. I can’t say it for certain, ’cause we don’t move in the same circles. But what little I know….

    I like the heat of this.

      • Lets make the arrangements, then. A fine Irish wake (you choose the Pub… er, location). I’ll arrange the church funeral (ecumenical, to be sure) and contract for the speaker. Meanwhile be looking for a good lawyer! 🙂

  5. I was sailing along enjoying your one-word lines and then had a giggle when I reached “the Buddha is a fucker.” 🙂 Appreciate the sentiment and the peeling back.

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