Haiku (series i)

Kerry is hosting in the garden:

This is the perfect day for me to touch upon our theme for 2017: Being Human. Today is Mandela Day which is commemorated annually on the date of the late Nelson Mandela’s birth. It is also coincidentally the anniversary of the Imaginary Garden With Real Toads. Yes! Unbelievably, this site opened for business on July 18, 2011, which means we are officially 6 years old. Our origins were humble but we remained true to our concept of membership and became a support base for emerging poets as a place not only to showcase our writing but also to share ideas, encourage divergent thinking and make valuable connections within the online poetry community. These have stood the test of time. In celebration of our anniversary, we have relaunched our Toads in Tandem, in which members pair up and produce collaborative poetry. Please remember to stop by tomorrow to read the combine efforts of Fireblossom and Skylover.

And now, I open the floor to all who are here to participate in the open link. I suppose it would be too much for me to expect 67 poems, but feel free to dig into your archives, as far back as 2011, and share more than one post today.


the act of acknowledging that someone has an occasion for celebration.
Japanese call it Kotobuki.

I have been working on a few series of Haiku for a little while now. I know it’s not everyone’s favorite form but there is something in the classic approach I find soothing and meditative. I am a complete beginner when it comes to the form but writing is learning and so in conjunction with that anniversary feeling and some thoughts on being human, here is the first view of the first series.


blossom’s all perfect

transcendent reality

step out of own way


holding my  heart open

comfort blankets wintry past

bringing presence here


the cherry blossom

gently falling on the earth

thunder clap sounding


creating pictures

words the painter’s brush

snowfall in the spring


spring a cutting word

stifle the thought that you know _

winter awaits you


summer pen is writ

words echo time and space to

wash the dishes now


lamp lit inner space

daffodils out in the dark

invisible spring


hands upon drum skin

wood and space sounding the fall

topple goat and tree


walking to market

does snow echo the morning

vendors clapping hands


we fall like blossom

the floor of our live’s awaits

spring must always pass

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


9 thoughts on “Haiku (series i)

  1. Kerry says:

    step out of own way

    What an amazing injunction this is. I so enjoyed your series. The daffodils in the dark is a lasting image. Beautiful!

  2. Charley says:

    I won’t say that I like one more than the others, because haiku is deeply personal and reflective. I, too, am just digging deep into the form. I find great joy in releasing power with so few, carefully culled words. Excellent haiku, Paul.

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