never again

Frank is hosting Meet The Bar tonight at dVerse and his prompt is as follows:

For this challenge, write a poem that uses trimeter lines. All of the lines in the poem do not have to be in trimeter, but enough should be so that one can tell this meter was used on purpose. The poems do not have to rhyme nor must they have any other sound qualities about them.


Can’t believe you didn’t

think before you then

had that very last drink

making number ten


did it made you drunk

tiny little dram

maybe you should not have

drunk the other nine


now you are just slurring

wobbling down the street

wonky steps uneven

made on wonky feet


with just one eye squinting

spinning head spins round

hands reach out for some wall

one that isn’t found


so you take a tumble

pockets full of pounds

emptied in a moment

on the rainy ground


scrambling and grabbing

fingers sopping wet

money for your kebab

un-recovered yet


opened door goes bumping

hits your noggin hard

sends you sprawling backwards

over to the kerb


lying dazed and battered

by a salty fish

fallen from a paper

someone else’s dish


now it rains so heavy

vinegar stings eyes

you are rather sodden

tears inside your eyes


sitting there and thinking

notion in a blink

this will be the last time

that you ever drink













11 thoughts on “never again

  1. Charley says:

    Geeze! Your poetic voice envisioned all this and didn’t lend a poetic hand or figurative sympathy to the inebriated character (word composite). Now we know just what kind of poetic voice… it… is. Good job, Paul!

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