Poetry, Real Toads

plucked blossom

Poem for submission to Real Toads Flash 55 Challenge! and for Poetry Pantry at Poets United.

image source ~ https://www.wikiart.org/en/erte


tender pink blossom

vulnerable pure and unpicked

mirrors dress not form

i am undone


red cherry fallen

washing away innocence

unfolding in rain’s rivulet

i am undone


no solace in the water

only a memory

for tomorrow’s regret

i am undone


lotus petals unfurled

soft Heart of the Sutra

i point toes

i am undone


13 thoughts on “plucked blossom”

  1. A very Oriental feel, in form and phrase, enhances this human story that is as frail and evocative as the scent of a flower. I especially like the chorus, and the line ‘..only a memory/for tomorrow’s regret…’

  2. I like the subtle shifts of meaning, the repeating line and the reference to the heart of the sutra.. the illustration is almost to perfectly modest to be entirely as it seems.

  3. Hi Paul, I’ve come here from your link you posted in the comment section of Sunday’s Poetry Pantry @ Poets United.
    A beautiful poem & a wonder of wonder to find lotus sutra here!

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