what i did on my holidays.

Hello all. It is Toni once again on the Haibun Trail. Summer is slowly winding down and this morning, there was a tad bit of cool in the air – which has long since dissipated! My prompt for you all today, will hopefully make you smile and take you back to middle or high school….what did you do on your summer vacation?


Summer 1982. I’m thumbing my way through stacks of vinyl encased in cardboard sleeves. Albums. Sometimes I’m stopped by the band name. Black Sabbath. Thin Lizzy. Lynryrd Skynyrd. Anything here to add to the collection? Other times it is the album artwork that grabs my attention and today I pull out a square that looks like a chalked on blackboard. I’m drawn to the imagery and to the title. ‘What we did on my our holiday s’ by Fairport Convention. It was a band I’d heard of but not listened to. I bought it.

Back in my room at the student halls of residence I slid the vinyl out of the album cover and then out of the paper inner. Carefully. Handling the record by it’s edges and smelling that fresh pressed vinyl smell I sat the album on the deck. Something so satisfying about lining up the hole with the rod. Gently I placed the needle on the edge of this groove spiral and retreated to the optimum listening space. The pre-music crackle piqued my anticipation and from the opening picked guitar and Sandy’s vocal I was entranced.

soundtrack of summer

bathed in music medicine

harmony’s embrace



9 thoughts on “what i did on my holidays.

  1. Björn Rudberg (brudberg) says:

    I must say I never listened to Fairport Convention, but I do remember buying vinyl records… now it’s all available from my streaming service whenever I want… and I only listen to what other have mixed… (though today I actually listened to Iron Maiden).

  2. lillian says:

    Ah Paul…..your description of the process is visceral….the removing of the vinyl disk, from the cover, from the paper sleeve…how you line up the hole on the spindle, the placing of the needle on the groove….oh the joys of 33 1/3 RPMs…..I treasure my albums. My son (40+) still collects old albums and has 4 frames in his family room that hold album covers…he changes them with his moods. How I’d love to have him meet you…..he was a pianist and a great drummer too —- 🙂

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