Bjorn hosts at dVerse Quadrille Night.

Today it’s time for our returning reason to celebrate short poetry. 44 words including the word bliss. Use it as a noun, or use it as a verb or as an adjective. Bless me with your bliss.

Bring me bliss of love or skies and sea.

When you have written your poem, link it up on Mr Linky, read and comment. The prompt is open for a long time so come back and return.

I hope you will leave a comment below and take part in the discussion.


cue poem balloon

flicker-spring grins open

whisper-breeze dawn giggles

cloud rose bubbles

jar dancing fear

pepper-spark dreams

and curl breath’s echo

melt ghost sounds

drizzle shadow

scar — still — bliss

spill green leaves to storm-skip

a journey’s shimmered twist and lull

15 thoughts on “untitled

  1. Glenn Buttkus says:

    Quite the challenge to include 39 prompt words; only 5 words of wiggle room. I may try this before we get to Q44.

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