one boot miracle

Welcome to the dVerse Poets bar hosted for today by Kim of Writing in North Norfolk. The challenge is to write a poem, of any length or form, about footwear: stilettos, Wellington boots, hobnail boots, sandals, slippers, ballet shoes – it’s up to you, just as long as the poem is new.


summer football match

title is slipping away

right boot changes lives


Notes: I have written before about this moment. Football to some is just a game. To others much more. On this day a title was snatched from an old rival and people will forever ask ‘where were you when Aguero scored?’.





15 thoughts on “one boot miracle

  1. kanzensakura says:

    Your haiku is light and fun. and yes it is a haiku because you used a season word in it. I remember your last poem on this subject – an incredibly small margin. What fun it must have been to celebrate that moment!

  2. Kona says:

    Oh, it’s much more than a game around here. ~American football, that is. I get all into it because my husband does. But if we were watching soccer, then I’d really love it. It’s so much easier to keep track of feet than flying balls or ball hugs/coverage. I don’t know, footballs look like dirt; soccer balls are so pretty. Plus, I just love the added challenge of it being a handless sport. 🙂

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