riddle me this

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intertwined among the syllabic?
swimming  in  a  verbal Jacuzzi
tantalizing in it’s sharp concept
honoring  the  play  of shadows
is an idiom that is not a placebo                                                                                                      such  query requires no answer
posited  here  within  the poetic
obscured but not held in viscera
exercise at the edge of the brain
marginal are those lines to data


Solved the riddle? Then keep it to yourself so others may boggle their brains too 😉


33 thoughts on “riddle me this

  1. Rommy says:

    I laughed when I got it. Yes, it is. And a clever one at that. I love the idea of a verbal Jacuzzi too. I think I need to sit in one with a fancy drink in my hand.

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