Tree Spirit

beech trees

Photo by me

Kissing the sky with my mind I sit quietly and stare at the changeling, as she opens. The
old beech tree standing there singing in the corner of the field. She is so beautiful, wise,
matriarchal in her stature and I love her. There is a deep connection here that always opens up in me as this autumnal bridge leads me stepping towards the dark winter.

Reaching within, to silence, I call on her to sink her colour into my being,  that each and every leaf bring a blessing, a song, a prayer to carry my own fire into the cold and often bleak months that will follow. She answers always with a majesty and i know i am heard
in a way that holds me in cave’s cradle until the coming spring awakens new growth.

ancient tree sister

autumn song of the soft heart-

fire in the whole

36 thoughts on “Tree Spirit

  1. alisonhankinson says:

    Your beech tree sounds very beautiful. This is my favourite bit though- Kissing the sky with my mind…that is a wonderful image.I think that trees are very resilient. They have witnessed much, and bore hardship through many winters. I now have to go and look at Beech tree images though so I can remember which ones they are. I was away for far too long.

  2. kanzensakura says:

    I love your connection to this tree. I have an old oak in the woods who is a long time friend and comforter. Now too many beech trees down south here but up north, they are everywhere! I like the nuts as well. We have hickory trees here in the south that turn a brilliant gold. I like the nuts from them but they are so hard, I’ve had to construct a thingy with two holes in the wood so I can crack two at a blow. I use an engineer’s hammer….that is how hard and roly-poly they are! I truly loved this haibun and the haiku at the end is…priceless.

  3. whippetwisdom says:

    A beautiful haibun and I too love your connection with this tree. There are mother trees in every forest and your tree has that wonderful energy. What a blessing to have this friendship with her :o)

  4. kim881 says:

    I like the Hendrix reference (‘scuse me while I kiss the sky!) and the way you call the old beech tree a changeling. What colour leaves does she have at the moment?

  5. nosaintaugustine says:

    This reminds me of how lucky I am to live in a place where the seasons change. Not only is too much winter hard on the soul, I even know of a person who couldn’t stand living in San Diego, which is considered to have year-round perfect weather. Thanks for reminding me to store up the fiery leaves in my heart.

  6. ladynyo says:

    That Shaman was right. And you did. It shows, Paul. There is so much in your haibun that pulls the heart and the spirit.

    I think of the coming months of winter as the time of a blank palette, one that sweeps away, cleans the senses and prepares us for our own desperate originality in writing, painting, etc. I look forward to those months because it is also a time of being alone, the street sounds are different, muffled, and the air so crisp and insistent.

    Loved the whole piece and the lovely haiku at the end.

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