a lit oration

Tonight is Poetics night at dVerse and I will be hosting with the theme of Magic. Why not pop along and sprinkle a little faerie dust of your own into our poetry community.

Birth brings bright brilliant bedazzlement bouncing boldly

like legs lilting laconic laments, lounge-laced

in iridescent iris infused infiltrations illuminating

serendipitous sanctimony, seemingly superfluous splendor-seduction,

sending sympathy’s surprise seeking sanctuary, suggesting some

elevated egalitarian escape, enhanced energetic easing

dire disturbances dancing deliciously down dell, daring

mice, men, myths- make mad marvelous mood magic

and anticipate anything aggravating, aching and altogether

necessary nay nuanced, needing nocturnal necromancy.

32 thoughts on “a lit oration

  1. Glenn Buttkus says:

    Marvelous magic, indeed–Alliteration R Us it seems–that and lists are two of my favorite styles. Your first 5 lines spell out the Acrostic BLISS–EDM…lots going on here is Paul’s Place.

  2. kim881 says:

    I love the play on words and the alliteration, Paul. You’ve outdone yourself on this one and set the bar really high. And is that an acrostic I see before me?

  3. sarahrussellpoetry says:

    Alliteration abounds! Love it! Thanks for the prompt. I was working on the poem I submitted this afternoon, read your invitation, and thought, “Magic!” (And thanks for letting us write TO the prompt rather than having to use the word. Makes it more playful.)

  4. Mish says:

    Alliteration bliss! Love the way it seems to build and gather strength as you read it. Especially like “enhanced energetic easing
    dire disturbances dancing deliciously down dell, daring
    mice, men, myths”……

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