magic turns

Tonight I am hosting Poetics at dVerse and calling for a little Magic. Here is one I made earlier and forgot about but had scheduled and now it just posted itself, as if by Magic 😉


spiral poem

……………..and just in case you can’t stand on your head and twist or turn your pc/mac 360 degrees 😉


ssshhhhhhhhhh…there’s magic afoot~

be still~

be quiet as a mouse~

do you hear that birdsong bursting morning bright?~

do you see all the colours drop from autumnal skies with saucer wide eyes?~

do you listen to the joy of children’s play and smile a remembrance?~

do you watch the sun set spill fire over a still ocean?~

do you camp under canvas by fire’s smoke under the billions of stars?~

do you dance wildly and naked in the desert rain?~

do you see the Eagle fly over the mountain?~

do you hear the river singing?~

do the trees whisper to you, poems of old?~

do you see the light dapple as if for the very first time?~

does the lone stag in morning’s mist take your breath away?~

does the whisper of the ancient one remind you that there is only now?~

does the magic find you?~




27 thoughts on “magic turns

  1. alisonhankinson says:

    All of them..and I read it in the circle and nearly fell over.I hear the river sing and the trees whisper and every time I see something amazing it takes my breath away, even if I have seen it every day for a thousand days, it is no less amazing…it still takes my breath away.

  2. kim881 says:

    Master magician extraordinaire! I love shape poems! All those questions and, as one, we poets cry ‘Yes!’ (Apologies for the exclamation marks – I don’t like capitals – they’re too shouty!)

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