that peace


why does this space call form to fly here as that moth is bound

to that light? why do some thoughts land here whilst others

escape? what do you think of that poem chained link by link

of such invisible musings? can you see it here frolicking and

weaving between the lines? do you hear its delicious whisper

calling you to a deeper home? do you feel in your bones that

silent poem of no words, no form, no thing at all? does it sing to

you of a peace that is unending and equally of no beginning?

does it wrap you in a blanket stitched word by word from all the

words of all the poets that ever sat to write and never ever wrote?


submission to Poets United~midweek motif~Peace



37 thoughts on “that peace

  1. Susan Chast says:

    Wow! I’m not sure I have ever felt all that, but what a trip if I could! You make the path sound marvelous, even though you started with moth to flame (and I flashed on flies to flypaper). There is a well, and entering it is to find our place in the abundance, to confirm that one of us would never be enough. Peace.

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