who am i?

     d                           d

          e                 e



               deer deer

               deer deer

               deer deer

               d       d

               e       e

               e       e

               r       r

Sumission for Poetry Pantry at Poets United

The answer to the riddle is that you don’t have a clue even though you do 😉

71 thoughts on “who am i?

  1. marley raine says:

    I personally see a dead dear in denial. 🙂 I also see meat. Plus, the word “deer” always makes me think of the expression “a deer in headlights,” which makes me think of breasts. I also immediately think of De. Two Des, with double D breasts.

    Oh, is it a constellation? Mriga?

  2. marley raine says:

    Now this is a pair of AA boobs, one with a star sticker over the nipple. The other boob has been removed because she had breast cancer. But she still likes to have fun and feel good about herself … Thus the sticker. 🙂

  3. Gillena Cox says:

    Oh dear [pun intended] i’m not good at riddles. I got a deer with asterisk , maybe a constellation red in the sky and the sound of reed music as you watch

    Happy Sunday Paul, luv it
    much love…

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