life is butter streams

echo breath's shimmering twist-breeze








storms dawn's dance

              cueing flicker sounds

spilling rose dreams

          drizzling fear-grinned curls

scar-sparking cloud-opening 

                 melted still lull

leaving whispered shadows


journey-skipping spring

                balloons to greener bright hues

painting pepper-spiced streams of consciousness

submission for dVerse Quadrille #41. Feel free to join us and submit one of your own.

24 thoughts on “life is butter streams

  1. Mish says:

    Bravo! Oh how I love “pepper-spiced”, so simple but delicious in sound and to describe “streams of consiousness”…wow. The image of ghosts bubbling from jars reminded me of Lillian’s echoing jars. Nice!

  2. kim881 says:

    You and Lill are definitely giving De and Bjorn a run for their money, Paul! I love those ‘spilling
    giggling ghosts bubbling from a jar’, the ‘flicker sounds’ and ‘drizzling fear-grinned curls’. I’d love to see an animated film based on this!

  3. Mary (tqhousecat) says:

    I just read Lillian’s and I had to align my brain. Bring new here I am trying to figure you poets out, but more likely, easing my way into this genre I wonder if poetry is to be figured out. Perhaps that is the draw. I love all of this!

    • Victoria C. Slotto says:

      Trying to work in the 40-some words that we have been given over almost 2 years tends to be obscure. Most often those of us who try this “using all the words” challenge write very accessible poetry. I find that, when I read them, I look for fun phrases rather then worry too much about the meaning. On the other hand, there are some who love to try “experimental” poetry. Just have fun! And welcome to dVerse.

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