sapphire so good

submission for Poetics at dVerse. We are given a Birthstone to write into our poem by Lil.


september’s arrival

pluto’s parabloa


heightens intuition

regarding evolution


So my poem is of course an Acrostic of (Sapphire) and this poem is based on a quick search for the Astrology of my Birth date 19/09/1963. I found something rather interesting about the Pluto in Virgo generation.

Here is a snippet or, if you prefer, the Full Article.

“One of the most interesting aspects to note in our current reality is that, for many of us, the awakening experience is about becoming aware and understanding the connection we have not just to nature but to the cosmos. This can be understood through common words and concepts like oneness,  unity consciousness, Christ consciousness, and love consciousness. The Pluto in Virgo Generation (1957-1972) is reflecting to us in different ways the process of aligning our whole selves with that  inner knowing of connectedness. Through their own personal stories, the Pluto in Virgo generation will show us the way back home.”

No pressure then!!!!

33 thoughts on “sapphire so good

  1. lillian says:

    Ah Paul…..such a great response to the prompt. Love the acrostic done in a unique way here: first letter of each word rather than simply down the side (which is usually the way I think of that form). And the inclusion of the essay — explanatory info. As I’ve always said, I’m always learning something at dVerse — either about myself, a poet, a form, a topic. Nicely done!

  2. Glenn Buttkus says:

    You never disappoint, brother. Your clever brevity is impressive. I got into New Age awakening like 20 years ago, through a UFO experience, meditation, a near death experience, & living in a house that has portals in it–so I dig where you’re coming from.

  3. whippetwisdom says:

    Belated happy birthday Paul and we were born in the same month! A very fitting poem and I can see how you can relate to the Pluto in Virgo generation – I was born a year before you and am a Libra, I will have to read up on this ;o) xxx

  4. kanzensakura says:

    I’ve never been into astrology but I love astronomy. I am a triple Scorpio – I’m told that that pretty intense – no pressure there either! I liked your creative take on this prompt, clever as usual!

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