A gate on the land catches morning sun

Shadow and light

a simple thing

but the most profound

That eternal dance paints daily songs

on my soul

I can’t see one without the other

can’t feel either alone

 twin sisters

beckon me


all days

to seek


i love the fall of light in the morning

i love how i notice it through the shadows

i catch them whole

and swallow self


Morning leaf lit dance

submission for Karen’s midweek challenge at Toads

Notes: Morning or evening walks, when the light and therefore the shadows are at play, always lift my sense of being, of presence. Leaf, twig, fence-wire, gate…simple things catch my eye and bring me to a moment where I can be still and snap ( in a good way)


22 thoughts on “snap

  1. marley raine says:

    That top photo, Paul — I am moved to almost-tears. It’s the evil eye and heaven, rolled into one. That is breathtaking artistry.

    I can’t read the poem yet. I need to savor the photo first.

  2. kim881 says:

    The simplest things can give the greatest pleasure and, as poets, we appreciate that every day. I love the photos, Paul, and the final lines of the poem especially:.
    ‘i catch them whole
    and swallow self’.

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