stitched in 9

word ordered flow landing

specific to being it there here


we whilst flew window outward

back and away in then time now


echoes of nothing connected not-ness

not connection in the space but there


do you bone the feel of that barrel

begin your end and time your stopping


together stitching things not (things never were)


A second submission for the dVerse Grammar prompt.




15 thoughts on “stitched in 9

  1. marley raine says:

    The title makes me think of “stitched in time,” but changing “time” to “nine” makes me think of a cat having nine lives. Or maybe 9 o’clock. Evening or morning, that is the question. Then I’m seeing a pocket watch and the white rabbit. (That’s just in the title. Not sure how this will work with the poem; let’s have a look, why don’t we.)

    “word ordered flow landing” … Well, if it is about a cat, then this has to do with how she will land. “Word” makes me think of the Bible; “flow” makes me think of (first) a style of poetry — someone once called me a flow wolf, so I associate “flow” with that sort of stream-of-consciousness “responsive” writing. A sudden burst, without any thought for what’s being said; just forcing out raw thought, unedited. Second, it makes me think the cat is on her period. 😛 Thirdly, I think her landing will 1) be guided by the Word of God and 2) involve her going with the flow. A laid-back landing, that won’t upset Jesus. Trying to balance the poet nature with the Holy Spirit. Something like that.

    “specific to being it there here” … I love this line. LOVE. It as in “it girl,” or “it” as in a penis, or “it” as in “that’s it,” or … absolutely anything “it” could stand for. 🙂 Being there here is AWESOME. That’s like me being here, but still sitting right next to you, there. Landing on another plane, in two places, in where I am, but also where I project myself to be.

    “we whilst flew” … I love the idea of “whilst flying.” My brain also jumbles this into “we will-stew flew.” That’s exactly why life is so hard: you’re constantly working with a will-stew. Everyone has their own will, agenda, perspective. In an office, in a home, whathaveyou, you’re always dealing with so many voices/thoughts. But if you can make a business/relationship/family “fly” despite that limitation? Wow. That is quite a “landing”/accomplishment. Now I’m thinking about gymnasts.

    “outward window” makes this not about birds, but humans turning into birds … or cats turning into birds, or just cats flying — because let’s face it, they practically do (fly).

  2. marley raine says:

    “back and away in then time now” … So this is how you make yourself “here, there.” You back up and then run (with your brain). In “then time now.” Wow, do I love that. So this whole piece is about quantum physics.

  3. marley raine says:

    “echoes of nothing connected not-ness” … So to me, this is about hearing nothing but feeling connected in your state of not being. Not-ness. It’s the opposite of hot-ness. Being the opposite of physically present and intoxicating; so if someone can connect to your not-ness, then that’s really a truer connection, don’t you think? It removes all physical-level connection and presentation and goes to the core of which cannot be seen or said or heard.

    • paul scribbles says:

      So I have just returned from work and read all of your commentaries which are full of the usual deep insights and craziness too. Which of course I love. Thank You once again for the detail with which you scrutinize and with the depth of perception you bring. But here in this particular observation (others too though…you’ll see) you get real close. This poem is about the poem that is not here. The one that exists in the spaces between the words but of course that is a metaphor for so many other things like connection in the spaces that is non physical, like quantum theory, like the Tao…the barrel is a whisky cask and there is no bone there…so can you feel what is not? I stitched this whole thing in 9 (lines) 9 spaces 😉 This wins my award for comment of the moment. “It removes all physical-level connection and presentation and goes to the core of which cannot be seen or said or heard.” See you in the not-ness 😉

  4. marley raine says:

    This gave me chills: “not connection in the space but there” … It’s not feeling like you’re there/here; it’s actually being there/here.

    “do you bone the feel of that barrel” … Ha ha ha. I’d better not keep translating. 🙂 Obviously I read this as being sexual, but it could certainly also be about a real gun, in which case, now this poem is about the recent shooting/shooter.

    “begin your end and time your stopping” … This line could go with my sexual and/or time/space travel reading(s), OR it could be about the guy fondling his gun before taking out all those people. You are an impartial, omniscient being, talking to him inside his head, just curious about his process.

    “together stitching things not (things never were)” … Same thing; the ending line works really well with the Nevada mass-murder. Unstitching things, things that never were. Wow, that is powerful. He broke apart a community and a collection of people … but were they really together in the first place? Or did he just destroy a bunch of individuals, pretending to be together? Is a community or town really a collective body, or is it just trying to look like one? In his twisted head, was he trying to get at, or expose, some truth?

    Or, the last line could be about what it means to be stitched together … is time/space really stitched, or is it completely loose and freely traveled, so long as you believe it is? That brings into question ALL the things we perceive to be stitched together, that maybe aren’t really. Is anything really firm or solid? Or is it our minds just creating belief systems to give ourselves perceived stability and security? Is the one who is not together really the one who holds the key to truth … because the mind is open, liquid — not pretending to be solid?

    Sorry for all that … if it’s too much.

  5. Janice says:

    I like this Paul…at the very minimum it touches on the enormity, surreality, incomprehensibility of recent happening.
    I am new to reading (never mind writing) pieces that challenge everyday linguistics…strangely, and I am not being
    ironic or silly, I understand your poem best reading it up, from the last line to the top.

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