nobody’s eyes fell here on this text, so nobody knew deep inside

that this poem was all about nobody, till somebody probably did

somebody knew about everything, till nobody knew that he died

so was it somebody or nobody, that lay under coffin’s dark lid

the question it seems that is out there, is who here remains who is hid

everyone’s someone or no one, i think that in time you will see

that everyone answers the call of their number, and so in time ceases to be

submission to dVerse for the Rhyme Royal. This has a diddly-diddly meter 😉

25 thoughts on “bodies

  1. Vivian Zems says:

    Nicely done. Nobody, somebody, everybody- I wish I’d written this!
    If I don’t answer the call of my number too soon, I’ll use it as a template for a poem (with your permission -of course )☺

  2. Glenn Buttkus says:

    Nice piece–very philosophic–borderline existential-reminds me of NOWHERE MAN by the Beatles; a pair of them are nobody now.

  3. Marian says:

    Love this poem. Who remains? Who is hid? Who is out in the open and who is in the background, and why is that anyway? Love the rhymes here and I’d love to hear you read this.

  4. nosaintaugustine says:

    This poem makes me think about how we acquire all this knowledge over the course of a lifetime and them when we die it is just erased. “Somebody knew about everything, til nobody knew that he died” What a waste, mortality!

  5. Caliban says:

    The use of anonymous pronouns really conveys the theme, Paul. You touch on the human condition most keenly. Reminds me of ‘anyone lived in a pretty how town’.

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