jack o’lantern


Stingy Jack got lucky

avoiding both

heaven and hell


his wanderer’s way

forever lit by a devil’s

ember torched turnip


these days

we prefer pumpkins

though for me the

orange glows sickly now

no appeal


hell seems to

have parked it’s bus

downtown for an aeon



as a heaven sent




good news


Submission for Hedge’s 55




3 thoughts on “jack o’lantern

  1. hedgewitch says:

    Really excellent, Paul. The mood here combines the traditional seasonal creepiness with the cold ennui eating at our hearts and our society–not specified, which leaves it all to the reader, and only more powerful. I especially like the way this turns from the fourth stanza on–55 words and not one wasted. Thanks for joining in, and have a kickass weekend.

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