i remembered leaving

arriving too

but in between

no crumbs



no visible crumbs


i’d left no trail

because I knew

I wasn’t lost

just not there


thoughts of crumbs

drifted by

now and then

like nostalgic cloud


pinky-white fluffs

whispering re-member


they occupied time

and a space until

i forgot once more

that which was not there


too busy with being here

to notice anything else


and then as if by design

i sat and typed a word

called up the embers of goneness

stoked the fire again


now it burns fingers

and I forget that which

made me forget this

funny how a moment is


or isn’t

depending on where you are


Hedgewitch nudged my muse over at Verse Escape’s Friday 55

Note: So having got back on the bike with writing i totally did not pay attention to the prompt and kept pedaling. So in the spirit of the 55 here is a re-write.






crumbs visible


no trail

I wasn’t lost

just not there


thoughts of crumbs

nostalgic cloud

whispering re-member


occupying space-time

i forgot

that which was not there


busy with being here


i sat and typed

embers of goneness

stoked the fire


now it burns

I forget that which

made me forget this






16 thoughts on “now(here)

  1. hedgewitch says:

    This is full of delightful crumbs to follow, and it has a floaty mood and feeling that add to the sense of being suspended in pure life, juxtaposed with the mechanics of living it–as well of course, as all the little memory playthings you give us. I’m very glad that the 55 word challenge inspired you to write 114 words. ;_) No rules though, at my place, just glad you could play, and hope you have a lot more of that wonderful fullness you mentioned as well as a kickass weekend.

      • hedgewitch says:

        Thanks for taking the time to do a rewrite, Paul–totally not necessary, but I think it gives you an idea about what the meme is best at to write in that short a frame. You’ll notice you have to be rather ruthless with your words, and only keep the most honed of them, and I have found that really helpful practice over the years for all my writing as I tend to be..ahem, *cough* ..a tad verbose at times. ;_) The 55 word form of this sacrifices nothing in mood, and actually adds some impact, I think. Thanks again for playing.

      • paul scribbles says:

        I felt no obligation at all J but it was indeed a worthwhile exercise and why I was drawn to the 55 in the first place. The drums have rattled my being a little of late and so my return to writing finds me half here half not. Deep work afoot.

  2. durfeem says:

    This is so me–been all over North America–I know I have been–but there were no crumbs or trails left to turn back to–always forward on and on. Loved this.


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