What would it feel like to crunch a rock

with your b(e)ar(e) hands?

What if you were the rock?

Rocks can’t talk. Don’t have feelings.

They get smashed all the time.

It’s just a rock.

Earth can’t cry.



Submission for Quadrille #46 All the Words

12 thoughts on “crunch-time

    • paul scribbles says:

      I found this very interesting tidbit by Paula Bidwell, when wondering about rocks and talking.

      “If you have been exposed to the modern Lakota language you are aware the term for Creator is Wakan Tanka meaning “Great Mystery”. But originally the term was Tunkasila (very ancient rock). When the missionaries arrived among the people, they were appalled by our use of “very ancient rock” as a term for God. They thought this was idol worship. They didn’t understand that we weren’t praying to rocks as God, we were using an analogy. A lot of dissension was caused by the use of this word. So, the people decided to change to Wakan Tanka (Great Mystery), a term devoted Christians could be more comfortable with.

      We changed our language to keep peace. It’s really sad that this happened. Ancient rock is such a wonderful analogy for the Creator. As it was explained to me, the rocks are the oldest living things on earth. They were here first and have much wisdom and knowledge because of this.

      So, when we find that special rock in the midst of a pile of similar ones, is it talking to us? I think so.”

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