jack frost came so beautifully this morning

sprinkling Narnia across this land where


am so fortunate to dwell


could see the tinkling fingers of winter

hear the warmth of a low sun

taste the colours of iced crystals

touch the silence within a tear

smell the light lifting gloom


ceased to be




Hedgewitch has called for a 55 so here is my response to todays Verse Escape 55



7 thoughts on “oneness

  1. hedgewitch says:

    A lovely mix of all the senses, Paul–I see, feel, taste and touch with the brush of the mind your winter’s artistry, its silence that is filled with the tinkling skitter of ice that gleams like diamonds. I am so glad you came to play, and I promise, I didn’t count the words. ;_) I especially liked the Narnia reference, and the last few lines. Hope you have a kickass weekend (as per the traditional 55 wish as passed on by the originator of the meme, Galen Hayes.)

  2. E says:

    Jack Frost! Well done him for sprinkling Narnia across your backyard. And well done you for saying it. Frome comes to mind as well. We’ve had a foggy frost here and it reminds me of this special fog I think only grows at high altitudes. I might have to write an ode to frome (which I am probably spelling all wrong). Either way, inspired.

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