Come the Light


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this parabolic transit arcs to a still-point

a reflective moment

among cycles of time

we watch for the return of the sun

or the son perhaps?

either way there is hope

a glimmer

an ember

a spark

long buried in the heart of winter’s icy repose

this pregnant darkness


and it was always so


the Holly King’s demise

seeding future birth

we must be devoured in darkness

before being born to the light

the crone is glancing over her shoulder now

the scent of the maiden comes slowly

but inexorably

the wheel turns


from our Earthed North

held deep in Gaia’s bosom

borne East on the wind

breath of life

South into the fire of transformation

and then West to the healing waters


Mistletoe strikes at the heart of all of our Baldour’s

fills us with deep foreboding and dread

but we know he will come again

reborn vital and full of joy


so it is


embrace the darkness

fill your cup with soulful gratitude

look to that which sustains you

speak a blessing for family

for friends

for nature herself

and drink to the coming light


Written for Sarah’s advent calendar of poems.

A huge Thank You to Megan Manske at downtherabbithole for the use of her beautiful Winter Solstice Mandala. Please visit her amazing site. Not too late for that last minute Christmas/Solstice gift right?





10 thoughts on “Come the Light

  1. sanaarizvi says:

    I love the idea of hope ‘buried in the heart of winter’s icy repose’.. it gives me assurance that one day it will thaw through and embrace the world.❤️

  2. Magaly Guerrero says:

    I love this all the way down to its brilliant dark… for I’ve always believe that darkness and light aren’t all the different from each other. It’s what we do with them, how we relate to them what matters.

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