look less leaps

how many times have i leapt

and landed bruised and broken

how many times did the siren’s song

pound my heart onto the smashing rocks

how many times did i swerve

from the realisation that I

am the only true keeper of my heart


submission for dVerse Quadrille #47






25 thoughts on “look less leaps

  1. Mish says:

    I think we have to swerve a little…to find some beautiful things in life, but in the end, we are the keepers of our own heart. Wise words indeed.

  2. Charley says:

    Phew! If we all took this to heart, who would write blues lyrics, love poems… and country songs. Okay, maybe the last wouldn’t be such a loss…. So much personal wisdom in so few words — an Ikea manifesto poem!

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